BELAZ 75311

Payload: 230T
Engine: MTU DD 16V4000
Power, hp (kW): 2500 (1864)
Drive type: AC-AC
Drive make: GE and BelAZ
Applicable shovel bucket capacity: 30 — 45 m3
Technical Data
Standard and optional equipment
Model MTU DD 16V4000
Diesel, four-cycle engine with V-type cylinders arrangement, direct fuel injection, electric control system, gas turbine charging and intermediate cooling of the charged air. The engine complies with toxic substances emission requirements of Tier1.
Rated power @ 1900 rpm, kW (hp) - 1864 (2500)
Maximum torque @ 1400 rpm, N*m - 10150
Number of cylinders - 16
Cylinders displacement, l - 60
Cylinder diameter, mm - 165
Piston stroke, mm - 190
Specific fuel consumption at rated power, g/kW*hr - 193
Air cleaning is performed by three-stage filter with dry-type elements.
Exhaust gases evacuation is being made through body structure.
Cooling system is of double-circuit fluid type with forced circulation. Cooling system impeller drive – hydraulic clutch with automatic control.
Oil cooling – through water-to-oil heat exchanger.
Starting preheating system is of fluid type.
Starting system features pneumatic starter.
Electric system voltage, V - 24
Transmission is of electromechanical type.
AC electric drive GE240AC produced by GE with traction alternator, two traction electric motors and auxiliary electric machines, adjustment and control devices.
Double-row motor-wheel reduction gear produced by BelAZ.
Ratio: 28.38
Traction alternator - 5GTA41
Traction electric motor - 5GEB34
Hydrostatic steering with steerable front wheels.
Turning radius, m - 15
Overall turning diameter, m - 34
The steering meets ISO 5010 requirements.
Conventional suspension for front and rear wheels, cylinders are pneumohydraulic (nitrogen and oil) with in-built hydraulic damper, two cylinders both on the front axle and on the rear axle.
Cylinder piston stroke, mm:
- front - 320
- rear - 290
Hydraulic system
Combined hydraulic system for body hoist, steering and brake system.
Body hoist cylinders are telescopic with three stages and one stage of double action.
Oil pump is of double-section axial-piston and variable-flow type.
Body lifting time, s - 22
Body lowering time, s - 33
Maximum pressure in hydraulic system, MPa - 18
Maximum pump delivery@ 1900 rpm, dmЗ/min - 698
Filtering degree, mcm - 10
Pneumatic, tubeless, with quarry tread pattern.
Designation 40.00R57; 46/90R57
Internal pressure, MPa — in accordance with tire manufacturer instructions.
Rim designation 32.00-57/6.0
Bucket type body is a welded structure with FOPS, has a protective canopy and is heated by exhaust gases. It is equipped with a device for mechanical locking in raised position as well as with rock-deflectors and rock-ejectors.
Body volume, m3:
Struck / heaped 2:1: 102.4/141.1
Frame is a welded structure of high-strength low-alloyed steel. Longitudinal box-section variable height side rails are interconnected by cross-members. Castings are applied in high load zones.
The braking system meets international safety requirements according to ISO 3450 and comprises service, parking, auxiliary and emergency brakes.
Service brake:
Front wheels – dry disk brakes with automatic clearance adjustment.
Rear wheels – dry disk brakes with automatic clearance adjustment. The disks are mounted on the shafts of traction electric motors.
Parking brake:
Constantly closed brake gears for rear wheels. Spring actuation, hydraulic control.
Auxiliary brake:
Electrodynamic braking with traction electric motors in alternator mode with forced air cooling of brake resistors.
Emergency brake:
Parking brake and intact circuit of service brake are used.
Brake resistors: 17ЕМ155
Power dissipation, kW: 3000
Two-seat, two-door, with an additional seat for the passenger and pneumatically cushioned adjustable operator's seat. The cab meets the requirements of EN 474-1 and EN 474-6 for permissible limits of internal sound levels, vibration, concentration of poisonous substances and dust. Operator's workplace complies with ROPS safety system requirements.
Noise level inside the cab is not more than 80 dB(A).
Maximum payload capacity of the dump truck, t: 230
Empty weight, kg: 161500
Gross weight, kg: 391500
Weight distribution on axles, %:
empty / loaded
- front axle: 45.0 / 33.0
- rear axle: 55.0 / 67.0
Refill capacities, l
Fuel tank - 2900
Engine cooling system - 698
Engine lubrication system - 290
Hydraulic system - 790
Motor-wheel reduction gear units - 210 (105х2)
Suspension cylinders:
- front 96.6 (48.3х2)
- rear 102.0 (51.0x2)
Overall dimensions
Towing and braking performance
Interior, standard:
Air conditioner/heater
Armrest, adjustable
Body up switch
Centralized grease system switch
DIAG system port
Display, Digital (temp, sped, faults, warning…)
Door, Driver access
Door, Passenger access
Driver Seat comfortable/adjustable
Dynamic retarding
Engine shut-down
Fire suppression control panel
Fuel gauge
Fuse box access (under passanger seat)
- coolant temperature
- oil level
- oil temperature
- speed
Gear-shift control, electrical
High-beam switch
Horn switch
Hourmeter, digital
Noise isolation, less than 80 dBa
Passenger seat, non-adjustable
Seat belt
Steering wheel
Sunvizor, adjustable
Switches, HELLA
Video surveillance system, BRIGADE
Voltmeter, battery output
Windows mechanic, tinted glass

Interior, optional:
AM/FM Radio
Powertrain, standard:
AC Alternator
AC Wheel-motors
Brakes front, dry disc
Brakes rear, dry disc
Engine, diesel
IGBT control cabinet
Motorized wheel, BELAZ
Starter, pneumatic

Powertrain, optional:

Starter, Electric
General, standard:
Fast fuel system, Wiggins RH
Access Ladder, LH and RH
Air cleaners
Body, heated with exhaust gases
Body, standard
Centralized grease system, automatic progressive
Engine pre-lube system
Engine shut-down from ground
Fire suppression system
Forged rims, Keimax
Fuel and load control system
Fuel separator, Fleetguard, with heating
Power steering
Radiator fan guard
Tyre pressure monitoring system
Video surveillance system, 180 degrees
Wheels, 6 pcs

General, optional:
Access Ladder, Diagonal
Air cleaners w/auto evacuators
Body lining
Body without heating
Centralized grease system, automatic multi-line
Keimax or Topy rims
Spare wheel
Video surveillance system, 360 degrees
Lightening, standard:
Deck light
Engine compartment light
Fog lights, LED
Front light, LED
Indicator lights, LED
Paint, main RAL-1033
Payload lights, RH
Rear lights, LED
Stairway lights
Turn signals

Lightening, optional:
Extended canopy
Payload lights, LH
Payload digital indication panel