130MT BELAZ Dumpers at Technology Park of “Vostochny Coal Mine” in Kazakhstan

New BELAZ-75131 dump trucks were supplied to the mine within the Strategic Partnership Agreement signed between OJSC “BELAZ” and ERG. In the near future, 130-t mining dumpers will join the trucks that have been operating two years at the conveyor ore transportation areas in Vostochny Coal Mine. Ekibastuz miners claimed that this equipment is reliable and highly efficient. BELAZ Company always pays close attention to the customers’ requests and promptly took into consideration all the modification in the design and configuration requested by the mines of Vostochny Coal Mine.

It is planned to complete the assembly of new BELAZ dumpers in the second half of February

BELAZ equipment supplied to the Kazakhstan enterprise has a number of advantages: modern technical characteristics, efficient engine and transmission with electronic control, high maneuverability and increased off-road capability. The trucks are equipped with load monitoring systems, tire pressure, four-way video cameras and other smart devices.

- BELAZ-75131 is a reliable mining dump truck equipped with innovative components, assemblies and systems. These vehicles are designed to transport rocks in difficult mining conditions of deep quarries like our open pit. What is more, these trucks can operate at temperatures ranging from -45 to +45 degrees, which is very important for our challenging continental climate,

 – says Dmitry Rusakov, head of the technological transport column of the Vostochny Coal Mine.

Performance, efficiency, reliability, safety, simplicity of operation, comfortable working conditions for drivers make BELAZ-75131 mining dump trucks an essential part of the production process of mining enterprises in different parts of the world.