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New 130MT dump trucks commissioned in Eastern mine

Two units of BELAZ-75131 mining dump trucks completed the fleet of new BELAZ machinery at Eastern mine of Kirovsky affiliate of OJSC "Apatit" (PhosAgro Group, Russian Federation), where six units of 180MT and sixteen units of 130MT BELAZ dump trucks are already operated.
One of new 130MT BELAZ dump trucks is ready to transport the rocks at Eastern mine.
New BELAZ mining equipment is a part of the huge investment project for development of raw-material base of long-standing partner of OJSC "BELAZ" on Kola Peninsula. For effective implementation of the project program last year was concluded a cooperation agreement between Kirovsky affiliate of OJSC "Apatit" and OJSC "BELAZ" stipulating the supply of at least 50 units of mining dump trucks to Khibiny within three years.
BELAZ dump trucks at Kirovsky affiliate of OJSC "Apatit".
As explained by specialists of Kirovsky affiliate of OJSC "Apatit", new dump trucks are high-technological and operated like clocks. The BELAZ machinery is equipped with bright diode lighting and high-voltage line vicinity system as video-viewing cameras which facilitate the operator to perform the manoeuvres.

– Modern machinery – it is always good, – says Mr. Maksimov, the operator of one of the new dump trucks. – The advantages of the Belarusian machinery – pneumatic seat, electronics of high-quality, several devices for more convenient work. In a word, it is a good dump truck. We will work great together!
The Kirovsky affiliate of OJSC "Apatit" is a largest enterprise in the world for production of high-grade phosphate raw materials. The BELAZ machinery has been operated in Kirovsky affiliate of OJSC "Apatit" mines since 60s when the open-pit mining of apatite-nephelinic mines has been launched in Khibiny of Murmansk region.