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Three new BELAZ-75131 dump trucks have started rock hauling in Gleevatsky mine of Central Mining and Processing Plant (Central GOK) owned by Metinvest Group (Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine).
Photo cgok.metinvestholding.com
The 130-ton trucks have become part of the mining fleet of the mining and transportation workshop No. 1 of the Central GOK. There are altogether 33 dump trucks with the payload capacity of 130 tons working in Gleevatsky mine. They possess a number of characteristics which make it possible to haul ore in an efficient way at any time and in every season. The reinforced welded frame is high-strength and the trucks are designed to withstand heavy loads and severe operation conditions in ore mines.

The advanced systems of BELAZ-75131 dump trucks ensure safety and efficiency as much as possible. The 130-ton trucks are highly automated and equipped with advanced electronics: external digital load control display, 5-camera video surveillance system, remote actuation fire-extinguishing system, automatic centralized lubrication system, fuel consumption control system and tire pressure control system. The cabs of BELAZ trucks are safe, ensure low noise and vibration level and equipped with automatic devices and modern air conditioning system.

'The today's dump trucks render it possible to cope with production tasks in a more efficient way и make the work of our operators more comfortable',noted General Director of the Central GOK Mr. Dmitry Shevchik. 'The Central GOK continues to develop. The production program for the year 2020 involves supplies of new heavy equipment.'
The Central GOK of Metinvest Group is in top 5 iron ore producers in Ukraine. The company specializes in the mining, processing and production of raw materials for metallurgy industry – iron ore concentrate and pellets.